Words from the Owner:

After retiring from the United States Navy, I graduated from Bates Technical College and went to work. After another 10 years of working for someone else, and working in Business Development for the last 5 years, learning everything the hard way about all the ins and outs of businesses. I was laid off, could not get another job in business because of no degree, and became a dislocated worker. Frustrated, like many of you, I decided that I did not want to work for someone else and face the risk of losing employment again. Choosing another path, founded Business Consulting & Financial Services, BC&FS, I enrolled and since, completed my Bachelor of Arts Business Administration in Accounting through the University of Washington Tacoma Milgard Business School. With a future dream of completing a Master’s Degree in Accounting and my Certified Public Accounting license. Tired of how people are treated that are employees I set out to execute starting my dream. Share my experience and educating others that no longer want to be just an employee, but need to generate enough money for a comfortable lifestyle for themselves and their families. I am listed in the Intuit “Find an Advisor” Certified QuickBooks Pro advisor. I have gone through extensive Federal Bureau of Investigations background checks and the business is located on the Internal Revenue Service website as an authorized tax prepare.

Many may think how can a for profit company help me, the answer is through extreme low overhead costs. No fancy office, No transportation costs, just bare bone essentials. We capitalize on leveraging wholesale pricing to retail discounts from our suppliers. We balance technology such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft for virtual communications and remote access computer assistance. If a meeting is not necessary there is email and the phone for that quick question. As long ago, we prefer our initial meeting at a local Starbucks for a cup of coffee somewhere convenient for you. It is always a great opportunity to look over what you have accomplished, where you are at and us to understand your business desires and goals. Allows us the opportunity to educate you on what values we can offer. Best of all, our first meeting is always free!

About Our

We are a virtual home-based company that exists in the cloud. BC&FS is a service-disabled veteran owned small business. We were formed within Washington State in 2017 as a domestic limited liability company.
We are located in the South Hill, Puyallup, WA area. Offering services to Pierce, Thurston, and South King Counties within Washington State.

Our Mission

Business Consulting and Financial Services, BC&FS is the resource that makes running your own business self-gratifying. Through honesty, education and collaboration we help individuals maximize the satisfaction of being their own bosses, doing what they love. were together we are leaning, growing, and prospering, benefiting us all and the communities we support. We strive to facilitate sustainable business partnerships by providing quality consultation, advisory, accounting services, and products to either individuals that desire to be, or are their own boss, or already are their own boss, and small businesses of less than 10 people. To provide economical businesses solution products and services that add value, improve efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs to individual that own businesses.

Our Vision

Business Consulting & Financial Services' vision is to redefine Home-Based Businesses by becoming the community preferred provider for comprehensive business and accounting solutions.

Our Philosophy

We believe in doing the right things for the right reasons. Treat everyone with respect and dignity. Collaboration and diversity are not just corporate buzz words, for a single company, but are the keys that affect all companies both internally and externally. Those keys, drive both profitability and growth. Always look for a “win-win” solution to problems by teaching what you know and learning from others.

We place our clients at the very center of our existence.

We specialize in catering specifically to the needs of our business clients that add value to their individual goals and visions. We understand the difficulties, consumption of time, and frustrations that can arise in navigating personal desires to create and grow businesses. Honesty and integrity drive our desire for creation and retention of lasting relationships. We believe each of our unique client’s successes contributes to our own success and educational enrichment to perform better.

We consider our individual business owner clients as part of our family.

How it all Works

We don’t charge fixed fees or hourly fees. We meet and collaborate to start a business-to-business relationship. We take into consideration you and your business. We expect you to consider the values we offer to you. We serve our clients with custom-built tiered solutions explicitly designed to cater to your unique business needs, transactional volumes and financial resources. We work together to find the “win-win” solution that fits you, as well as us, not only in the near term, but the future long term. We uphold transparency with our written engagements known as agreements, everything is spelled out in a very easy-to-comprehend language. There are no surprises with fair and equitable terms that all parties have developed together.

Our Values

Business Consulting & Financial Services BC&FS upholds the highest ethical standards. We will advise you on proper workflows and business processes. We will not arbitrarily process transactions without the appropriate documents. We trust you to provide and communicate true and accurate information the same as you trust us with your financial information. We do not take short cuts, have hidden agendas or surprise fees. Everything is spelled out in plain language that is easy to understand.


There are many Consulting, Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax firms available for your selection within the industry. Some provide the same services as we do. Even some of our suppliers offer similar services. However, they often are limited. Within our Washington State operating area, we have yet to find any others that compare to our approach. Embrace you as a family member of small business owners. Highly desires that you succeed with your endeavors, dreams and business goals. Considers new businesses as investments, is willing to help educate you so we both prosper together. Bold Slightly Larger Font "The very reasons to work with you and not just for you".