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Are you aware of the Internal Revenue Service requirements for business records keeping?

Did you know that you must separate personal and business income and expenses?

Do you have experience in accounting and or bookkeeping?

Are you aware that some small business structures have the options to be taxed differently without changing the business structure?

Did you know that it can make a difference in Federal Self-Employment Taxes and Employment Taxes that may be beneficial cost savings to you?

Do you understand business financial reports and how important they are?

Do you know how to get information to make sound educated business decisions?

Do you know how to measure your business success in comparison to other business in the industry?

Would you rather spend your time managing your business or growing it?

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to reduce your frustrations?

Have you ever wondered if there was someone or someplace you could talk to for advice?


    Specialize in new Washington State Business Startups.

    Education in navigating the complexity of starting a new business.

    Can assist in budgeting costs before opening your doors for business.

    Leverage costs in referring where free resources are available

    Can assist in preparing business documents